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3 a violent 24 hours in baltimore... llaves police searching for clues. clues.we're now learning 9 men have been shot in 6 separate incidents across the city. just a fewwhours ago... a ned - double shooting in east baltimore.our crews captured this scene here along nnrth streeper street.police say two men were shot here around 3:15 this morning. 77others were shot over the
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holiday yesterday. yesterday.megan gilliland is here with more on their good morning guys,at this hourr.. one man has died from his ounds. but that number could grow as the other victims fight for lives.other victims fight could grow as the other victims fight for ives. the deadly shooting happened here in east baltimore along beryl avenue.police say a man in his early 20's was shot around 11:45 yesterday morning. pe was taken to the hospital where he died just a short time later. there were also two ouble shootings yesterday.the first one happened here... on boone street around 9 o'clock last can ee the victims being loaded up into the ambulances and taken to the hospital.police say one man was shot in the eg... the other in the s possible there could e more victims n this incidenn... we are working to conffrm that. about an hour later....there was a second double shooting. this one in south east
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baltimore... along eaton street.two men were shot here. police are also investigating a shooting on rutland avenue... and one on frankford avenue too.again... 8 men were shot... in six different incidents... one oo them arrests have been made in any right now.we'll keep you posted at the morning cootinuus.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. surveilllnce video tells part of the story.that flash going off is an off- duuy police officer's handgun., he's the defendant in a 10- million dollar lawsuit.paul gessler reports how it got to this poin. point. it's three seconds of video. ryan dorm: "i heard a shoo and i seen a flash and i felt sooething, so i thought i was dead actually."three seconds of ryan dorm's life when he thought he died.dorm: "as you ccn see, i'm not resisting. i'm not doingganything wrong." as the 20- year- old brentwood, maryland, man told our d-c affiliate, it's painful to watch.dorm: "we &pwere just going to the gas off-duty poliie officers said 3 dorm's friend looked
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several blocks, until they rm - caught up to him outside a title shop. prosecutors say the video appears to contradict what the officer, corporal donald taylor said after the incident, claiming he was "he didn't just assault my client and abuse his civil rights, but he mmde up aastory and brouggt up false charges against my client.""orm spent fouu mmnths in jail, before prosecutors saw this video-- and dropped the charges. lawyer: "this officer has not been in jail, at all. not spent one day."the police officer is now facing criminal charges he told reporters he would address at his november ácourt date as to what led to the incident.dorm and his lawyer, have also filed a 10 million dollar civil lawsuit. dorm's lawyer says police saw the video just two days after the took nearly four months for chaages to eventually be dropped and dorm to be released from jail. a baltimore county resident is apologizing today... after a evacuation of several
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neighboring homes. called to a home on ridgely road in parkville just after 5 o'clock... after the owner reported smmlling strange chemicals.the owner says he was concerned because his nephew... who currently lives there... was makinggthreats. police arrived... searching for either a bomb or a meth lab... but quickly ruled them the homeowner says he's sorry for all the trouble. eddie dize, owwer of home: "i wanna apologize to the neighbors who ere inconvenienced around here. they were all more than gracious, and i apollgize to every one of them."//sot # 2// shawn vinson, baltimore co. police: "we are continuing to look for this family member at this point. this person was house."investigators say the chemicals found inside the home were not unusual. the maryland department of agriculture will begin spraying for mosquitoes... after the state's firss case of the west nile virus was repo. reported.spraying will take place this thursday and next thursday... in the milford tte spraying affer 7:30 aa
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night.the virus is transmitted through the bite of a mosquito thht has picked up tte virus by feeding on an infected humans... it can &pcause flu-like symptoms... an in some cases... turn deadly. actor bruce willis is reportedly looking to sue "apple"... over the rights to his private i-tunessaccount. account.according to the british tabloid, "the daily mail"... the company's terms of service won't allow him to give his online music collection to his daughters, when he dies.under itunes' current terms and for songs and albums... they are essentially only áborrowingá them.other online music retailerr... such as amazon and google's android marketplace... impose similar legal restrictionn on downloads. actor ámichael clarke duncaná the man best known for his oscar nominated role in áthe green mileá haa died..duncan dieddearly onday morning in a los angeles hospital.he'd been hospitalized for nearry two months afttr having a heart attaak in july. duncan was 54-
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years-old. a 92-year-old man fights back with deadly consequeeces after a group o robbers tried to break into his northern kentucky home. áearlljonesá a world war two vet...says thieves have targeted his farm at least three times recently...stealing guns, money, evvn cattle. but this time when jones woke up and heard intruders in the cellar he got his 22-rifle ann waited for them to enter. "he kicked the door and as poon as he got inside it was all over." ///utt to//"i saw this kid in the yard here and my neighbor was checking on the other id in the car that i guess got shot. he took his pulse and said he's dead." police say jones will not be charged. flu season is right around the corner.and already... druggttres and doctor's offices are stocking up on thii year's vvccine.but beccuse this year's supply is in earlier than most... people are asking if getting an early protecced all season long.-3 according to the c-d-c... the answee is yes.they're
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recommending that everyone ages 6-months and older get the vaccine as soon as possible. if you havee't started thinking about the holiday season... today's the day to do it."toys r' us" is waiving its service fee and minimum purchase requirment... for shoppers using its layaway program.theeoffer begins today... and runs through octobee 31st.from then on... a 5-dollar service fee will apply. a t-v interview in arkansas takes a wild turn... when a news ccmera catches áthisá... a man emerging nakee from theew. woods.a couple was in the middle of being interviewed about storm damage... when they noticed the uuusual sight and called police..rriied... they arrested the 22-year-old did not put up aafight.
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a soggy starttto your..short work least for some of you. you.when you can expect in your skywatch weatherrforecast. forecast. ((break 1)) it's not something you see
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anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in maryland. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. it's not something you see
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everyday...but one cameraman got the experiince of a lifetime. wildlife cameraman áben burvilleá was diving in phe coast in the united kingdom...when a seal grasped onto the divee's hand it tried to nibble on áburville'sá shoulder at pirst...but when the diver got hhs attention, it grabbed onto his hand. it seemed like the seal loved getting the ápawá massage.
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((2-shot toss to weather)) ((ad llb meteorologist)) 3 3
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((traffic reporttr ad libs)) map fbier map bel air map
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wilkens map 3 3 -3 3 3 the d-n-c gets underway today... today...(nats) (nats)and t's in nascarr country...charlotte, north caro. carolina.why this particular part of the country...might be a hard sell for president obama. ((bump out))
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3 gearing up for its national convention in charlotte.but in about politics it's nascar- brianna keilar rrports.. when it comes tt voters, that ould be a serious problem for president obama come november. november. --reporter pkg-as follows -- charlotte, north carolina ... fame, this is the epicenter
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engine-revving spoot. (nats) while nascar consists of a whole lot of left turns the typical nascar voter steers to the right. winston kelley s the head of the hall of ffme and a nascar radio commentator. (reporter: this might not group for him.)well, nascar has traditionally, as you have said, been little bit more republican but north carolina is very much a swinggstate. (reporter: so who is your driver?)probably dale jjnior. stephen elliott just happens during convention week.i am kind of little disappointed. he came in with the bigg fanfare and a lot of hope and promises. i don'ttthink he fulfilledda lot of thoseehopes and dreams that e was talking people down. but the obama voters like elliott. they've long been considered out of reach for the deeocratic party and in the last four years ... he's lost even more ground.the president s acing significant decline,
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especially with those bluu collar white men. they have been the toughest audience for him right froo the outset. but the numbers are getting really bad, possibly the lowest we've seen for ann democrrtic &pexit polls from 2008 show 57% of white males voted for john mccain ... 41% percent for obbma. the latest numbers froo has slipped eight percentage points more with this group. has to increasingly rely on ma - voters who tend to beein his corner hispanic, blacc .... and young voters. and especially was almost impossible for him to make a change in four years so i ttiik the next four years why not give him another channe see hat he can do for the middle class?i voted for president obama and i'll vote for him again. because i ddn't think ttat he's had enough time to correct the damage done by the republican party. i just feel that he needs the
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time. this coalitionnof voters holls the key to victory for president obama if he can persuade them to turnn out in big numbers and he sure is trying.i'm counting on you, (nats) i'm counting on you. i'mmcounting on you. if you are not registered to vote, then yyu've gotta go tt gotta-register-dot-com.that is with nascar voters who will overwhelmingly support mitt romney.(reporter: nascar enthusiasts more concerned about who wins the election in november or who's gonna win th cup, no question aaout it.. neet in sports. sports.a matinee game for the orioles in toronto...see if the birds could close the gaa on theeyankees. ((break 3)) 3 ((break 3)) 3 çia÷a÷ ♪i -- i got it
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bruce cuuningham has fox 45 morning sports.
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sports. 33
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coming up in our 6 republicans had clinn eastwood...and now tte betty white!what ttey're ... dding... to try and lure her in.
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